Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wallpaper Set Box-1

Sundown over Lower Kandoli: Timing was everything. The sun was just beyond sight, but not
its effect on the swirling  cirrus and stratocumuls formations. Added hues and colour
temperature for dramatic effect.
A Twin for the Devil: Originally created for the purpose of a Twitter homepage background,
it almost willed itself into a wallpaper for a paint splash weirdly resembling a skull.

Arboreal Diffraction: Snapped as RAW on the way to Delhi from Dehradun (ADW assignment).
Contrasted extremely to let the sunlight bleed around the tree's borders and seep into the picture.

Mumbai26112008: Repugnance for those who brought about the ephemeral death of peaceful
civil society. But as stated, life jumped back into business; now it is just a reminder of the amount
of money spent to keep one of the tormentors in solitary isolation.


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